Justin Bieber Puts the B.S. in 'Batman Vs. Superman'

[caption id="attachment_205697" align="alignleft" width="300"]Justin Bieber Batman Vs. Superman 300x220 Justin Bieber on Instagram[/caption]

Justin Bieber may very well have spent the weekend following Floyd Mayweather around Vegas like a puppy, but one thing the Biebs was not doing — even though he'd obviously like you to believe he's cool enough to — was putting his grubby little mitts on that covetous "Batman Vs. Superman" script.

Bieber tried to pull a fast one on his Instagram fellowship (all 10.7 million of those poor girls his Beliebers) on Friday afternoon by posting a quizzical-eyed selfie, an expression matched by his latest bouffant hair coif, alongside what appeared to be a "Batman Vs. Superman" script watermarked with his name and all the trimmings of legitimacy: screenwriter David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder accurately referenced and correct (albeit public info) contact deets about Warner Bros. studio, etc.

But a lotta folks called foul on this right away, knowing well enough it wasn't just the Justin Bieber perfume collection (yes, that's is a thing that exists) stinkin' up the joint, especially since Biebs tweeted a little somethin' somethin' about doing a Funny or Die skit the same day ... Durrrrrrrr.

So, lo and behold, The Wrap has now confirmed that Bieber indeed does not have an authentic copy of the "Batman Vs. Superman" script in his possession, so your worries that the kid might get to sally up next to the Batfleck as his Robin (since Matt Damon's a no-go and all) or something even more ridiculous can now be put to rest, thank goodness.

That sound you might be hearing today is a collective "phew" from pretty much everyone who's even slightly interested in seeing this movie.