'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Disney World is a Real Scary Trip

If you've not yet read the story of how noob writer-director Randy Moore pulled a giant one over on the House of Mouse itself by sneakily filming his horror movie "Escape From Tomorrow" within the very unpermissive walls of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, well, it's a doozy alright (and a real wonder that he's not still neck deep in litigation over it, too).

In a nutshell, Moore used his own experience of living, in his words, "a very artificial childhood, brought on by our cultural obsession with these fake, manufactured worlds of so-called fantasy" with his father in Orlando, Fla. — a.k.a. the global hub of all-things-theme park — to create the story of a dad who starts to go a lot berserk at the Magic Kingdom during a family vacay. This first trailer for the film certainly seems to give an adequate preview of the level of mental and emotional chaos we're talking about here. The Magic Kingdom suddenly seems to be — to put it in Hot Topic terms — more like the Dark Magick Kingdom.

The kicker of this bizarre filming story is that Moore and his crew were able to slip through the sights (and huge ears) of the Mickey Mouse security team on most filming days by going in individually and then gathering up to do the production work on the sly. Of course, they had a few days that were closer calls than others and only narrowly escaped Tomorrowland uncaught at one point.

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As you can see in the teaser, Disney would probably have reason to object to this film, as it does not exactly paint the "Happiest Place on Earth" picture we've come to know. It's a whole new world alright.

Take, for instance, this boy's freaky reaction to the "It's a Small World" ride ...

Escape from Tomorrow GIF

... and whatever's happening here with the Epcot globe and the dad's head ...

Escape from Tomorrow GIF

... and the time he was just a robotic head left quivering on the ground for some reason ...

Escape From Tomorrow GIF

Needless to say, this is not the kinda trip most people would have in mind when packing up the kiddos.

"Escape From Tomorrow" hits theaters Oct. 11, assuming Disney doesn't get its legal mouseketeers nibbling on the case before then.