Simon Pegg Geekily Pranked Co-Stars on 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Set

You might think Benedict Cumberbatch is the kinda smarty you just couldn't get one over on, but Simon Pegg's got just the right amount of nerd cred to make it happen.

In this behind-the-scenes set video from "Star Trek Into Darkness," Pegg conspired with the makeup team to create "Neutron Cream," a substance said to help protect the cast from excess neutrons floating around in the laser room ('cause wouldn't you fall for that?), and Cumberbatch — or as Pegg calls him, Cumbersbumberswumbers — totally got gotten.

Watch for the exact moment when he realizes he's been duped by the goop. Hilarz.

And Cumby wasn't the only "Star Trek" castmember to get fooled by Beam Me Up Scotty himself, either. Zoe Saldana got tricked into jumping around to mix up the ions — a clever touch by Zachary Quinto, who was definitely in on it — while John Cho and Karl Urban downright filmed a PSA about something something nuclear fusion while face-dotted with the faux emissions formula.

It was almost as good of a gotcha moment as the filmmakers themselves pulled on audiences everywhere with all that blood of Khan nonsense. Ba-zing!

Oh, and if you didn't catch the marketing whiff here already, "Star Trek Into Darkness" hits Blu-ray on Sept. 10. 'Til then, you can enjoy this close-up of Pegg and the Cumberbaby speckled with the tricksy lotion which Pegg tweeted back in May.