Infographic: Hollywood's Wealthiest Directors

[caption id="attachment_204880" align="alignleft" width="300"]Steven Spielberg & George Lucas NextMovie[/caption]

SPOILER ALERT: A-list movie stars are rich. Very rich. It's a highly visible part of the job, with private jets, opulent mansions and designer clothing seemingly stuffed into celebrity mailboxes along with their royalty checks.

A topic not highlighted nearly as often, however, is the wealth of many film directors. Maybe it's because directors sit behind the camera instead of in front of it that they have the ability to largely eschew the media's financial spotlight. However, don't be fooled: many directors' paychecks are comparable to (and in some cases even dwarf) their thespian counterparts.

To prove just how lucrative the top of the directorial mountain can be, we've created an infographic that displays the unrivaled riches of the fifteen most wealthy film directors today.

Judging from the information below, your best bet for netting that directorial big bucks is to launch a mega-successful franchise (the Wachowskis, Cameron, Bay), put your name before every project's title (Perry) or sell your beloved film studio to Disney after decades of uber-lucrative merchandising (you know who).

Click the graphic below to see the inflated version.