Oprah Has an On-Air Fit, Gives Away a Car

Throw away your TVs now, because the greatest thing that will ever happen in TV happened on TV last night. You have no use for that old thing anymore.

Oprah Winfrey, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to promote her upcoming flick "Lee Daniels' The Butler," is more than just an actress and viable Oscar contender. See, we don't know if you remember, but she used to have this talk show, and one of the things she was famous for was hosting massive giveaways and reducing her audiences to tears of materialistic joy. Ancient history, right?

Wrong! So wrong!

In a moment of true TV magic, O had some sort of fit mid-interview and called a disbelieving audience member up to the stage so she could scream "YOU GET A CAR!" in her face, hand her some honest-to-god car keys and dance with her in a shower of confetti. Seriously. It's amazing.


Queen O does what she wants.

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