Get Super-Pumped By This Supercut of Blockbuster Movie Trailers

Hollywood blockbusters are often criticized for subscribing to a typical formula: beloved hero has goal, beloved hero faces conflict that jeopardizes said goal, beloved hero fights enemies and achieves said goal. (Can we be screenwriters, too?)

But has anyone ever stopped to think about the trailers of these movies? With the latest supercut to hit the interwebs, it appears that, yes — not only has someone thought about this, but they have actually taken the time to showcase it to the world.

In this video, YouTube vlogger The Nerdwriter has created a supercut the final shots of blockbuster movie trailers, including scenes from "The Dark Knight Rises", "World War Z" and "Battleship". Not surprisingly, when these clips are cut together — quite seamlessly, might we add — we essentially get a minute-long Michael Bay movie followed by some dramatic music and eerie silences. Get pumped, guys!

But hey, the formula seems to be working. (Except for when it doesn't.)

Check out the explosion-filled video above.

P.S. Can we just talk (again) about that "Gravity" trailer (around the 0:56 mark)? Chills.