Matt Damon Plays Charades on 'Despierta América'

Who knew that Matt Damon's pretty awesome at charades? I mean, we've always assumed he had the miming part down pat (he is an actor, after all) but his guessing skills aren't too shabby either.

To promote his newest film "Elysium", the actor recently appeared on the Univision talk show "Despierta América" for a little fun and games with the hosts. Sitting in the hot seat, Damon had to guess the titles of popular movies while the four hosts acted out bits — and the results were pretty hilarious.

Our favorite part? The fact that Damon is holding (petting? tickling? stroking?) a tiny Chihuahua (the show's resident mascot) the entire time. But trust us, it's the type of thing that needs to be watched, not read… So go ahead and take a look for yourself in the video above.