This Couple's Movie-Themed Engagement Photos Will Bring You Joy


Weddings are a lovely time for any couple. But even the hottest pairs can't avoid the dreaded awkward engagement pictures. Forced smiling, weird hand placement and oddly-tilted heads make even Brad and Angelina look cuckoo-bananas.

So when Joshua (a photographer) and Rachel Watson had to take their engagement pictures, they weren't hungry for any awkward sauce. Rather, they decided to do something pretty epic: fashion their pics after famous movie and television posters. And yes, they win all the awards.

Not only do the Watsons get major points for creativity, they get cred for their seriously pun-tastic title changes. When they did a photo shoot inspired by the "Inception" poster, what did they call it? Reception, of course. And "An Education?" An Engagement. So. Much. Cute.

They even took their dedication a step further and filled in the poster credits with essential wedding information like names of the bridal party, restaurant details and start times. Awww! So creative and considerate.

Joshua e-mailed and dished on the couple's inspiration for these Oscar-ready stills.

"We both felt somewhat burnt out on the traditional approach toward wedding and engagement photography. It seems a little 'cut-and-pasted' to us," Joshua wrote to Mashable. "We wanted our engagement and wedding to be the first time we actually collaborated and created something together and decided to produce this."

Check out a few of these posters below (the rest live over at Joshua's Tumblr). And best wishes to the punniest couple on the planet.