'Catching Fire' Heats Up with Shirtless Muscle Man Pic

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The first time we got a glimpse of Sam Claflin as the oh-so-dreamy District 4 trident-wielder Finnick Odair for Francis Lawrence's "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," he was getting a little too close for comfort to Catnip Katniss, and his little smirk had a thousand intonations of intrigue within ... Ooh la la! KitKat clearly wasn't havin' any of it, though (she's already got a feely triangle taking shape, after all).

More importantly, the "Hunger Games" faithful were donning a collective Not Impressed face because, well, the man was described as being so damn beautiful that all the women of the Capitol couldn't help but fall all over themselves at the very sight of him, and the first glimpse didn't show a whole lot of that aspect.

Now that the clock is tick-tocking down to the film's release, though, the gamemakers of this franchise have decided to notch up the sex appeal a little further for this water-friendly tribute, releasing (via Entertainment Weekly) this new still of the hunk ... sans a shirt.

You may be thinking: "How very Jacob Black of them," right? But actually in the book he's got nary but a cloth sliver covering his nether region in this scene — which has been lovingly dubbed "the sugar cube scene" by the ravenous fanbase, since he strangely offers one to Miss Everdeen upon their first meeting (as she recalls, "He offered me a sugar cube and asked to know all my secrets") — so it's rather conservative by that standard.

Note: You might just recognize this Mr. Handsome moment from the new "Catching Fire" trailer, released last week during Comic-Con.

That expression is even better in motion, right? Now there's something (else) to look forward to when this thing hits theaters on Nov. 22.

So, ye doubters in the crowd, has Sam Claflin won you over yet? If not, here's a closer look at that pic, just for good measure.

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