'Pacific Rim 2: Bigger, Badder and Cardboard-ier'

"Pacific Rim" ranked third at the box office last weekend, behind "Despicable Me 2" and "Not a Real Movie" "Grown Ups 2," not quite meeting expectations for a summer blockbuster. Womp, looks like audiences weren't too keen on the "War of the Worlds"/"Transformers" lovechild. Kaiju forevvver!

Despite less-than-stellar stats, the hilarious dudes over at Funny or Die think "Pacific Rim" is worthy of a sequel. A sequel with a smaller budget, that is. A way smaller budget. Try $190 instead of $190 million. This is "Pacific Rim 2," ladies and 'fellas, and it's glorious.

Less is definitely more. There's something truly terrifying about a man dressed in all cardboard fighting tooth-and-nail with a wet suit-clad gent. The horror! We hope the 1 feet of water they're submerged in doesn't rough them up too much! And our money's totally on Cardboard Man.

Check out the latest LOL-worthy confection from the Funny or Die gang above. "Pacific Rim" is now playing in theaters nationwide, and you can read Film.com's review of it here.