'Evil Dead' Will Become a Haunted Maze at Universal Studios This Halloween

A la their blood brothers over at "The Cabin in the Woods," the 2013 remake of 'Evil Dead,' not satisfied with merely scaring the ever-living s**t out of people for two hours at a time on the big screen, will be its own haunted maze come Halloween at Universal Studios in Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood.


Someone's excited! (Though I feel like just flashing the above .gif on a projector against the side of the building would do the trick equally, right? Perhaps I speak only for myself?)

The maze promises to satisfy those specific tourists who recreationally complain about "sleeping too comfortably" in their respective hotel beds while on vacation. And it wouldn't be an "Evil Dead"-themed haunted maze without the following happening to you right as you enter, so get ready!


Don't worry, it's Hawaiian Punch.

If I may, I'd like to briefly touch on the aforementioned detail that the "Evil Dead" maze will join the already-planned "Cabin in the Woods" maze in horrifying innocent people this Orlando in October ("The Cabin in the Woods" maze sadly will not be in Hollywood). Who's to say the mazes won't come alive by the power of Satan and go after each other, after a few days? You're really going to rule this out?

My money's on the "Evil Dead" maze winning that one. Primarily because of this girl: