Johnny Depp Smooches Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel is going to have some explaining to do the next time he runs into Ben Affleck.

Johnny Depp kissed Kimmel on the mouth not once but twice during a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" interview Monday night. Promoting this week's "The Lone Ranger," Depp (who turned 50 last month) smooched on Kimmel after the host told him he has "a beautiful face." The late night comedian, who once made a celebrity-filled viral video declaring that he's "f---ing Ben Affleck" (in response to then girlfriend Sarah Silverman's video in which she said she's f---ing Matt Damon), became understandably flustered and disoriented.

"That's more kissing than I did in high school," Kimmel cracked.

Like most super hot actors and actresses, Depp tried to claim his high school days were mostly kiss-free as well. (Sure, Johnny). As if we couldn't hear the shrieks from the people in the audience.

Speaking of shrieking and high school, the guys also got to talking about One Direction. Depp's daughter is a big fan and he arranged a meeting between her and 1D, who were all too eager to come and hang at Jack Sparrow's pad.