'Wizard of Oz' 3D IMAX Trailer is ... Meh

Okay, okay, so we weren't exactly throwing a ticker tape parade around here for Warner Bros.' 3D IMAX [insert random acronym here] re-release of "The Wizard of Oz," but even so. When they told us things like it'd reawaken what "people felt when they first saw it" because the sound and sharpness was so darn "exceptional" and that the people tinkering with our technicolor gem did something "truly amazing" with it, we were listening.

Buuuut if this first trailer for the thing is any indication, consider us a little underwhelmed for now.

You see, the short-term theatrical run for the 3D "Wizard" — a week, starting Sept. 20 — is but a device for the studio to usher in its 75th Anniversary combo pack release, which supposedly contains a new making-of doc in its special features buffet.

And while the 3D conversion process was done on the hush-hush and got the all-clear from IMAX's head honcho, it's not going wide and long in the same way that other classic converters have (think "The Lion King in 3D" which ran for months and months and has since inspired a whole generation of Disney re-tools). So, one might suspect that this thing didn't exactly blow off socks on the test run ... else, why just a week?

Adding that intel to the fact that this trailer doesn't really look all that much more spiffed than the 70th Anniversary Ultimate This-and-That Edition Trailer (cue the eye-rollage)... well, you're free to draw your own conclusions.