See Tween-Aged J. Law In a Long Lost Movie

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If you're as obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence's movie history as we are, having even sloughed through "House At the End of the Street" for a show of sturdy-nerdy support (cough cough), then you'll be quite happy to know that all that attentive fandemonium is paying off. A dusty and long-forgotten early movie of hers has now been resurrected from its deep shelf grave just in time for "The Hunger Games" tributes the world over to get a peek at it before she returns to the big screen this fall.

Yep, J.Law's long-lost film "The Devil You Know," featuring Lena Olin and Rosamund Pike much more prominently than the then-future Oscar winner (who was just 15 at the time of filming), will finally receive an audience after a half dozen years in limbo.

"I'm really glad it's going to be able to be seen," director James Oakley said in last week's print edition of Entertainment Weekly. Evidently, the production on "Devil" — which even included a walk-off by actress Lesley Ann Warren along with editing woes — was just "painful" and a total "nightmare" for him.

That's no reflection of the young Lawrence's work in it, though. Naturally. "She was epic," Oakley doted. "She was an instant pro. You just wanted to make the whole movie* around her."

As this trailer reflects, the film mostly involves a former movie star who tries to make a comeback but is met with threats from some sorta blackmailer. Lawrence can be spotted briefly at the 1:11 mark.

"The Devil You Know" will be released digitally via iTunes, Amazon and the like on July 9.

*Note: J.Law's part is totally just a flashback version of Pike's character.