'Mean Gurlz': It's Like 'Mean Girls,' But Better

We suppose it's a testament to the timelessness of 2004's "Mean Girls" that a parody can come out in the middle of 2013 and still seem fresh. Or, sorry — fresh to def, right guys? Is that how the kids talk? No? Hmm, that was regretful. Let's move on.

Indeed, "Mean Gurlz," from someone named Todrick Hall, takes the plot from the original and, how do we say, puts it in "the hood." (To be read out loud with air quotes, obviously.) The video is only five minutes, and that's unfortunate, because we're sure that this project as a feature-length movie would make approximately $8.7 billion dollars — and that's just on opening night.

No stone is left unturned: There is a Lohan, there is a McAdams, there's a Chabert and a Seyfried, there's even an Aaron Samuels. And, there are first-person interviews. Like, 70,000 first-person interviews. What we're saying is there are a lot of first-person interviews.

Not convinced to watch? Then you're a terrible person. Just kidding, but how about letting these GIFs, courtesy of the fine, GIFfy folks at Buzzfeed, walk the Mean Gurl walk on our behalf:

You're welcome. Let's pull a Braff and make a Kickstarter for more!