'21 & Over' Stars Talk Drunk Stages in Exclusive Clip

In "21 & Over," which hits DVD June 18, Jeff Chang turns the big 2-1 and decides to celebrate by getting wasted with his friends. Super wasted. Everywhere. While it's a concept as old as...well, good wine, "21 & Over" digs a little deeper into the art of getting bombed. In fact, they've gotten it down to a science.

In this exclusive clip, Justin Chon (Jeff) and Skylar Astin (Casey) teach a lesson on what it means to be a 3, 6 and even 10 on the drunk scale. According to '21 & Over' writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, dragging your inebriated best friend home from the local pub is as much a rite of passage as learning to ride a bike or throwing a bar mitzvah. Mazel tov!

Furthermore, these four dudes think the ideal drunk night includes a hodgepodge of all the levels. Evidently, a 3.7 garners breathy 'I love you's' and a perfect 10 produces girl-gone-wild dancing while donning barely-there pink lingerie. Remember (or remember being told later about the time) when you were doing 'the robot' on top of a house while wearing too-tight Victoria's Secret? You were at a 10.

Check out the NextMovie exclusive featurette "Levels of Intoxication" and please... don't drink responsibly. Cheers!