Carey Mulligan Pulls Out of the Hillary Clinton Biopic Campaign

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Annnd we're back to Air Force One Square One.

While last week it looked like the sweet and cheeky Carey Mulligan was a sure fit for the supposedly coveted part of a young, ambitious, pre-FLOTUS Hillary Clinton in James Ponsoldt's biopic, "Rodham" — you know, apart from being a limey 'lil Brit (all the fist shakes!) — she's now decided to pull herself out of the role race.

With all the attention surrounding the development of Young Il Kim's 2012 Black-Listed script, which is being shaped for shooting alongside Ponsoldt right now, why would such a promising up-and-comer throw in the towel so late in the game?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mulligan was outright offered the role last week after a chit-chat with "The Spectacular Now" director, who is helming the biopic, but she declined the opportunity because she just wasn't prepared to commit to the project yet ... So, basically just a non-answer then.

Naturally, this leads James Ponsoldt and the film's producer trio Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen and Richard Arlook right back onto the search trail, having now lost not one but two solid candidates (Jessica Chastain put the kibosh on her involvement recently as well). But they shouldn't worry too much because the talking heads on Twitter have some very interesting spectator selections all ready for them.

Gotta give 'em points for creativity, no?

On a more serious note, though, the three other actresses whose names have been thrown around as being in contention for the project are Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Amanda Seyfried, but per THR's report, Emma Stone's now in the mix as well.

Who are you voting for?