'Alien Vs. Predator'? No! Alien LOVES Predator, Cosplayers Show Us

(James Lipton voice) The history of cinema is filled with couples that begin as antagonists and end as lovers. "You've Got Mail." "As Good As It Gets." "Spaceballs." And now, against all odds, "Alien vs. Predator," — at least if you believe a specific Facebook page. (Spoiler: We do. Because we believe in love.)

That's right, folks, Alien and Predator are in love these days, according to the "Alien Loves Predator UK" page on Facebook (the "UK" part begging the question if they are in love in other countries, too, like Qatar or Mozambique or Texas). And judging by the picture above, they are really enjoying this phase of their lives. I haven't seen Predator this happy since he stole Carl Weathers's right arm.

But before you begin to question the logistics of their physical intimacy (you perv), let's just go ahead and thank the cosplayers in the United Kingdom (?) who had the gall and the genius to create this page and make us believe that love is indeed possible anywhere you look. Pedro T. Predator and Abi T. Alien, we salute you.

Because if Alien and Predator can see beyond their differences and begin a loving relationship, who's next? Bruce Wayne and the Joker? Israel and Palestine? Jerry Bruckheimer and subtlety?

The sky is the limit, you guys. While we dream this shared dream, please enjoy this video of Alien and Predator taking a spin on a tiny merry-go-round. Because, awww.