Photoshop Disaster: Horrible 'Heat' Poster Mangles Melissa McCarthy's Face

[caption id="attachment_180834" align="alignleft" width="300"]Melissa McCarthy Heat Poster 300x250 20th C. Fox[/caption]

Our girl Melissa McCarthy just cannot catch a dang break, can she?

Last time, while she was on the promo train for "Identity Thief," the peachy comedienne fell victim to some very poor critical phrase-age concerning her weight (which we're still kinda reeling over, by the way) and whaddya know? With another movie on the way, the heat is back on the giggly gal once again — this time with her as the subject of one of the most faily Photoshop efforts ever. Seriously, ever.

Yeah, she and Sandra Bullock star in Paul Feig's she-buddy-cop showpiece "The Heat," and a new poster for the movie was released to showcase their "good cop, mad cop" personas but instead came off like one seriously bad joke.

Here's the official poster for "The Heat," with what we assume the studio deemed the "hot" version of McCarthy, rendering her virutally unrecognizable.

Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy The Heat Poster

For comparison, our brosephs over at The Shiznit, through Photoshop wizardry of their own, replaced the blank-faced roboty model version of McCarthy with a normal, un-retouched pic of her:

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy The Heat poster

So. many. head. shakes. Bullock was obviously the victim of of her own touchups, but at least she still looks vaguely like the Miss Congeniality we know and love. Would the McCarthy of poster numero uno admit that she "overcommitted" with nine puppies? We don't think so.

You gotta wonder how something like this gets the all-clear in even the slackest of quality checks. Was this just subbed out to a bunch of ninth-graders during a computer class Paint-piddling day or something? Hell, they'd probably produce something ten times less embarrassing than this.

But on a much more serious note, there was clearly some kinda unnecessary and completely misguided effort to thin out her cheeks going on here, and it just wasn't happening. Compare the two heads above. You  know which one's better.

So, let this be a hard-learned lesson, Hollywood: Melissa McCarthy is a gem as-is. So stop it.