'Big Hero 6': Disney's First Marvel Movie Is Coming

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With "Iron Man 3" dominating not just the box office but pop culture in general, Marvel is pretty busy these days. Their Phase 2 is rolling out as planned, with "Thor: The Dark World" hitting theaters later this month and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "The Guardians of the Galaxy" both following close behind. In fact, things are going so well that the only major issue they're facing is how to find the time to put out even more movies.

Well, now we know their solution, as the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Disney Animation is officially set to adapt their first Marvel property: "Big Hero 6."

Okay, so "Big Hero 6" isn't exactly as well-known as "Marvel's The Avengers." In fact, chances are you've never heard of them (unless you read our report last year when rumors of this project first began circulating), so here's a brief rundown: Debuting in 1998, "Big Hero 6" tells the story of a group of Japanese superheroes recruited by their government to protect the nation from the sorts of things that normally trouble Japan, like giant radioactive monsters.

While the original story revoled around established Marvel characters from Japan like Silver Samurai and Sunfire, the center of the animated version of the tale is a boy genius named Hiro Hamada who uses his intellect to battle evil alongside his robot buddy BayMax in the near-future, culturally mixed city of San Fransokyo. So he's kind like the kid version of Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit.

Perhaps more important than the actual project, though, is what it signifies. Marvel has literally thousands of characters, but there's only so much time and money available to adapt them to the big screen. With Disney getting their animation operation involved, though, it's possible that we could start seeing even more favorite Marvel superheroes on the big screen, sooner rather than later.

And Disney has a pretty good track record recently when it comes to adapting pop culture touchstones into family friendly hits, as proven by the Oscar they earned for last year's crowd-pleaser "Wreck-It Ralph." Appropriately enough, as Pop Culture Brain points out, the first test footage of San Fransokyo even includes a "Wreck-It Ralph" Easter egg (check out the tower on the left):

Man, this whole Disney/Marvel merger thing is working out pretty darn well so far, isn't it?