Disney Princesses Get Sloth-ified

Snow Sloth, Snow White spoof

Disney's princesses need to be taken down a peg or two once in a while for posterity's sake, and what better way than this sloth mash-up series which calls 'em out for being lazy little prisspants?

To be fair, these girls are super young — we're talkin' straight up jailbait here, fellas — but that totally doesn't excuse them from lounging around waiting on their knight in shining whatever to come around and plant a smooch on them so they'll get their rears outta their canopied beds.

It's sooo not the millennial way of things, got it girls?

Graphic artist Phillip Light decided to imbue a little reality into the picture when it comes to some of these cartoon heroines and voila! The layabouts are revealed as Snow Sloth and The Little Slothmaid and Slothmin ...

Dis2 Dis3

Not so wonderful and magical now, are they? Although the cuteness factor did go up just a pinch, the gals totally look better on two feet when they're wielding some awesome ass-kickin' devices. Cause, ya know, girl power and such.

There are more where these pics came from.