This Happened: Prince William and Kate Middleton Duel, 'Harry Potter' Style


Ugh, they even make dorky magic battles look endearing.

In an effort to create further evidence that any activity can look effortlessly glamorous, Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged in a giggly wizard fight on their recent tour of Leavesden Studios, famously known as one of the primary filming locations of the "Harry Potter" films. Honestly, it couldn't look any better if they meticulously choreographed it — the poise, the synchronized timing, the flirty "oh, you think you can defeat me?!" facial expression Kate flashes Prince William as their royal wands meet (see below) —  it’s almost too perfect. In fact, it's almost hypnotic, like a battle of charm that perpetually begins yet never seems to commence. Whatever spell they both just cast, we caught it, and it is glorious.


Prince Harry, bless him, even nails the J.K. Rowling-approved "swish and flick" wand motion. In a word: magical.

royal family swish and flick