Video Q&A: Emily Blunt and Colin Firth Talk 'Arthur Newman' Antics

Colin Firth and Emily Blunt are two of the finest British actors to grace the big screen. So what happens when they come together to play two Americans taking on fake identities in "Arthur Newman"? A whole lot of random craziness, including carrying on sexual escapades in many a stranger's home ... not exactly the type of behavior you'd expect from an Academy Award winner or newlywed.

When NextMovie sat down with the pair, things got almost as fun as their antics in the film, which hits theaters this weekend. Firth opened up about where's the wildest place a couple could potentially get their groove on (while recording it, too) and Blunt squashed any rumors on her supposed love affair with Anne Hathaway.

Check out our video interview above with Firth and Blunt as they talk sex, lies and videotape ... and "Arthur Newman," of course.