Kids Said the Darndest Things on the Set of 'Jurassic Park'

YouTube channel The Picture Show has delivered its premiere episode of a series called "Remix the Movies" in which, ostensibly, classic films are "remixed" and given new life via different dialogue. The first episode asks us what really happened when Steven Spielberg worked with kids on the set of "Jurassic Park."

You know what? Maybe one of the kids didn't know his parents' first names. And maybe the other one did refer to God as "Chocolate Cake" in her prayers. Life was very different in back in 1993.

We don't know Steven Spielberg personally, but our guess is that there wasn't much room for improv on the set of the dinosaur-themed classic. But sometimes comedy asks the great questions, like whether Spielberg would openly value "the magic of a child" before calling himself "so f**king talented." We understand the guy's ego, of course, but the least he could have done was watched the swear words in front of the kids, right?