Thank Gob! Will Arnett Joins the 'Ninja Turtles'

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A Michael Bay-produced live-action "Ninja Turtles" movie is coming into actualized reality, and there's nothing we can do to stop it short of a PETA representative finding out actual turtles are being molested on-set.

Given that, the film's cast is shaping up, with a new addition in the form of our favorite "Arrested Development" magician, Will Arnett, who The Hollywood Reporter says is signed for an unspecified lead role in Paramount's big budget "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Though Arnett's part is still unclear, we do know he will NOT be playing hockey-mask wearing ally Casey Jones, which means you still have a shot, Elias Koteas. That means that unless he's playing some kind of new scientist or government douche invented for the screenplay, Arnett will likely be playing either baddie Shredder or motion-capturing/voicing Tutle sensei Splinter.

Our guess would be for Splinter given Arnett's low gravelly voice, which could be made to sound ancient and wizened. This wouldn't be his first rodeo voicing an animated character by a mile either, as he has a history in such CGI franchises as "Ice Age," "Ratatouille," "Horton Hears a Who!," "Monsters vs. Aliens," "Despicable Me," "The Secret World of Arrietty" and upcoming "Lego: The Motion Picture."

Arnett joins mo-cappers Pete Ploszek (Leonardo), Noel Fisher (Michelangelo), Jeremy Howard (Donatello), Alan Ritchson (Raphael) and the blessedly in-the-flesh Megan Fox as April O'Neil in the summer 2014 release.