'Grown Ups 2' Trailer: Yep, This Is Happening

Friedrich Nietzche famously said "that which does not kill us makes us stronger." But there's one thing that even the legendary German philosopher could not possibly have accounted for his in ruminations: The existence of Adam Sandler's new "Grown Ups 2" trailer.

If Nietczche's adage is true, then once you finish the clip, courtesy of indieWire, you'll be so jacked that people will be calling you Ahhhhnold.

The first "Grown Ups" movie, which starred Sandler alongside Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James, was just as juvenile and still became a giant box office hit back in 2010. So obviously someone likes this sort of thing.

And if you're one of those people, then congratulations, because this new trailer is chock full of all sorts of hilarious things — and by hilarious, we mean the likes of Andy Samberg's butt, Shaquille O'Neal doing a hip hop dance and a moose giving Sandler a golden shower. Plus, Taylor Lautner is in it, because why not?

Sure, it's ironic that the movie is called "Grown Ups 2" even though Sandler is still doing the same juvenile act he was doing 20 years ago. Unfortunately, it looks like that irony may be the funniest thing about the movie. Which leads us to present this other famous philosophical quote from founding father Ben Franklin: "A fool and his money soon are parted."

Remember that when July 12 rolls around.