The 10 Best Tributes to 'The Evil Dead'

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Once upon a time, a group of college kids journeyed deep into the woods with a camera, a few bucks, a ton of fake blood and enough creativity and general filmmaking chutzpah to fill a dozen movies. The result was "The Evil Dead," a DIY horror masterpiece and cult phenomenon.

Director Sam Raimi's feature film debut has since spawned merchandise, costumes and even a stage musical over its 30-year legacy. Upon the release of the big-budget remake, itself affectionately titled "Evil Dead," here are some of the best — or should we say grooviest — "Evil Dead" tributes out there.

Animated 'Evil Dead' Tribute by Daniel Kanemoto


This is amazing. Someone give this man a lot of money so he can turn this into a feature-length film or a Netflix series or something.

Do the Necronomicon! 'Evil Dead the Musical'

Evil Dead the Musical

This is cute for about ten minutes and then you realize that they're actually going to do "Evil Dead" in its entirety as a musical. Still, it's a musical of "The Evil Dead," so it gets points just for existing ... if not for watchability.

Play With Ash! NECA's 'Evil Dead' Action Figures

Ash Action Figure by NECA

NECA strikes again with this perfect replica of everyone's favorite wisecracking S-Mart employee. Here's your sugar right here, baby.

'Evil Dead' Cabin Diorama Hat (Whoa!)

Evil Dead Diorama Hat

This woman is insane. And we love her. Look at this thing! We'd wear this on our heads all day.

Hail to the Book of the Dead Costume

Book of the Dead Costume

Not sure what the middle finger accomplishes, but this Book of the Dead costume is a stunning accomplishment in and of itself. Just keep your head away from any fireplaces, fella.

Become Ash! Ash Costume How-To


The DIY guide you've been waiting for your whole life. Or at least since you saw "The Evil Dead" for the first time.

'Evil Dead' and 'Evil Dead II' Book of the Dead DVD Editions

Evil Dead Book of the Dead DVD Editions

Two reasons why DVD might be better than Blu-ray. Again, keep away from any fireplaces ... unless sinister circumstances deem otherwise.

'Evil Dead' Theme Attraction at Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt

Evil Dead at Knott's Scary Farm

"Evil Dead" the Ride! The Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's Scary Farm underwent a groovy transformation in 2012 for the park's annual Halloween Haunt.

The Grooviest Ash T-Shirt Ever

Evil Dead T-Shirt

The exclamation point is both unnecessary and inaccurate, but hey, it would still make for the best T-shirt you've ever owned.

'Evil Dead' Oh-Sheet Paper Toys

Evil Dead Oh Sheet Paper Toys

This is adorable. There's no use in us trying to explain what it is here — just click on through and find out.