Donate to Cobra Commander's 'G.I. Joe Ruined Us' Kickstarter

Have $94 billion kicking around and don't quite know what to do with it? Feel like your home, computer, or acoustic guitar is sadly devoid of the COBRA stickers it so desperately needs? Consider donating it to a worthy cause of rebuilding: The Kickstarter fund set up by the Cobra Commander in the name of COBRA.

As our brohams from Slashfilm first discovered, in the wake of being destroyed by the "terrorist militia known as GI JOE," Cobra has decided to pull a Veronica Mars and try to raise a target of $94 billion on a Kickstarter fund. And it's not necessarily out of the question — what if Alex Rodriguez is a huge COBRA fan and supporter of their cause? Didn't think of that, did you? That's a quick ten mil right there.

You could at least argue it's more worthy than "Veronica Mars" — at least COBRA, though generally evil, is trying to rebuild itself, as opposed to "ooooh it would be fun to see this movie happen!" I know what you're thinking: "COBRA doesn't exist, though, this is all a joke." To which I say to you: Yeah, but still.