Enjoy A Lost Documentary About the Making of 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Star Wars fans: If the exhilaration that came with J.J. Abrams being attached to direct "Star Wars VII" has already worn off, then you clearly don't recognize the extent of Mr. Abrams's talent. You should at least have been excited until around mid-April. That's all we wanted to say. You may now go about your respective days.

Kidding! Please stick around for a bit as we let you in on a secret that our pals at Screencrush discovered: A 30-year-old documentary surrounding the making of "Empire Strikes Back" has been unearthed, and it's already on YouTube in all its early '80s Star Wars-ish glory. And it's embedded above! Give it a click!

If you do, here's what you'll find: Mark Hamill, with a stuntman rehearsing his on-screen lightsaber battles with his movie dad, 1978 Chryslers parked in a random alley in the background; Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, playfully discussing their on-screen romance in relation to those of classic Humphrey Bogart films; and, perhaps most importantly, your reignited enthusiasm for the Star Wars franchise itself. (Aww.)