Yes! Giant, Detailed, Amazing LEGO Hogwarts Model

The "Harry Potter" LEGO video games were just okay, really, but this is what we call amazeballs.

A Seattle woman named Alice Finch conjured up about 400,000 LEGO blocks to create this gigantic and oh-so-magical rendition of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry last October and went on to win two big prizes at LEGO's BrickCon 2012. Now that she's got it pieced back together in her own home, she's opened up with a few details on just how much brick-building sorcery went into making this uber-detailed piece.

Finch told the Brick Brothers, "I did quite a bit of research in the books and movies looking for the smallest of details, things like the old fashioned slide projector in Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the location of the potions class, and the wood paneling in the charms classroom."

She was also faced some pretty tough construction choices when it came to differences between the books and movies, like with the placement of the Gryffindor common room, for instance (she went with the more visually dynamic movie variation there).

Most importantly, there was a considerable investment involved here... both time and dolla, dolla bills ya'll. For the latter, she said, "I do not know how much it costs and I don’t really want to know." Stupendo! Because the important thing here is that we "Harry Potter" nerds now have a zillion details to ogle here with Finch's concoction, like this impressive portion of the the trio taking that bloody Polyjuice...

... this ridiculously beautiful rendition of the potions classroom ...

... and — ha! — even devil's snare and that mongrel Fluffy!

Consider us forever prisoners of this Chamber of Secrets. These are just a few of the awesome slivers of Finch's work, and you can see the rest at her Flickr page.