Questions and Answers With Barry Pepper

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Barry Pepper stars as a DEA agent alongside Duane Johnson (better known to most as The Rock) in this weekend's action drama "Snitch." It's a role that gives Pepper the chance to show yet another level — of facial hair. In addition to versatility onscreen  (Pepper has starred in "The 25th Hour," "True Grit," "Saving Private Ryan" and many others) Pepper has a pretty chameleonic beard.

NextMovie caught up with Pepper to talk "Snitch," what The Rock is really like and, of course, Pepper's facial hair.

In a tweet or shorter, how would you get people to see "Snitch"?

I've never tweeted, and I don't Facebook or tweet or any of that, but can I say "How far would you be willing to go down the rabbit hole to save your child?"

You've played a lot of authority figures and cop types. Do you think that walking down the street you could convince someone that you were arresting them?

I think that if you had a Glock and handcuffs, then yeah.

And without?

I think that people are pretty sophisticated, they might turn around and arrest me. They might be an undercover agent.

What's one thing that people don't know about The Rock?

I don't know. I'd say if they haven't ever met him, they may not realize that he's one of the most positive guys that you could meet. He's just a really down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. And it just radiates from him. He plays a lot of really hardcore, tough characters and you know, when he's The Rock, he's sorta king of the heap and you don't see a lot of smiles. he's got this sort of threatening persona, but that's not what he's like in real life. That's why it was such a pleasure working with him. And it's such intense subject matter, this film, that if you had that levity was a nice safety valve.

Since the movie is called "Snitch," do you want to snitch on one of your co-stars, or make up a rumor?

I don't know if this was a rumor or not, this may be serious, but I heard that Dwayne punched Susan Sarandon in the face during filming. You're welcome to spread that. I'm pretty sure it's true!

In character, or he just felt like it?

I don't know! I just heard this rumor today, and I'm not sure what veracity there is to it.

You've sported a lot of different facial hair looks in your movies. Can you just grow it at will? Do you have a magic goatee?

I have pretty fine hair, so it takes a while to coax it to come in. So Billy Cooper's look in "Snitch" took a really long time to grow. And then they had to add a little extension to it so they could tie it up with an elastic band. Yeah, he's got pretty impressive facial hair in that one.

What would your porn star name be?

It would be Rebel Barkley.