Pucker Up for Cinema's Creepiest Kisses

It's the morning after Valentine's Day, love is in the air, and… bees are in your mouth? AKK!

Tony Todd's "Candyman" is just one of several ghouls delivering "Cinema's Most Disturbing Smooches," courtesy of editor Oliver Noble and those inebriated reprobates at FilmDrunk.

This holiday-appropriate mashup features more cringe-inducing PDAs than a Roman vomitorium, whether it's some human-on-mallard action from "Howard The Duck," Christopher Walken's headless horseman taking a bite out of crime in "Sleepy Hollow," or Chuck Heston saying no to gun control and self control as he plants a hot one on a "Planet of the Apes" resident.

The final clip is a tip-o'-the-hat to one of science fiction's most famously incestuous magic moments, so sit back, give yourself a little spray of Banaca, and enjoy these seriously lousy liplocks.