The Best and Worst Movie-Themed Wedding Invites

[caption id="attachment_165424" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Anderson[/caption]

Everyone loves a good wedding: free booze, awkward speeches and creepy DJs — what more could you want? All too often, however, the invites don't live up to the day. (Seriously, if I open one more shimmering envelope and a sliver of cream-colored tissue paper falls out I'm gonna scream.) So when film buffs throw calligraphy and caution to the wind and opt instead for movie-themed wedding invitations, it's time to celebrate.

That said, not all movie-themed invites are created equal. In fact, they're as varied as the couples who create them. Here's our breakdown of the best and worst announcements honoring the most important day of one's life — well, besides the day the new Monty Python film comes out, that is.

The Best

'Top Gun'

Something tells us this couple feels the need … the need ... for speed. "Starring" the lovely Rae and Adam, the image reminds us that you don't have to be Tom Cruise to be a maverick, and that a little graphic design can go a long way. From the clever title edit ("Top Groom" is genius in our book) to the perfect pose, this is one wedding invite we'd be honored to open. Even if it were … inverted.

Top Gun-themed wedding invitation


First off, we have to commend the shout-out to the Daily Planet in this design, not to mention the fact that some clever soul has replaced the "S" (for "Superman") with a "W" (presumably for "Wolf," the groom's last name). Throw in the bonus that these two got hitched in Vegas (not that that's so relevant to the movie theme, but still) and this might be one of the best invites ever.

Superman-themed wedding invitation

'The Princess Bride'

Ever since Westley said, "As you wish," little girls everywhere have been waiting for their own gorgeous farm boys to whisk them through the fire swamp and to the altar. But of all the glorious scenes in that classic film, perhaps none is more memorable than the wedding. If we had a dollar every time we said this quote … we'd have several dollars.

The Princess Bride-themed wedding invitation

'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

We mean, "Mr. & Mrs. Anderson," that is. What can we say about this? Pure perfection. They've got the clothes. They've got the pose. And they've definitely got the attitude.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith-themed wedding invitation

'Dirty Dancing' / 'Just Married'

This one gets extra points (in our made-up point-giving system) because it's a two-for-one, recalling both a beloved '80s classic and an Ashton Kutcher-starrer. True, it's kind of a random pairing, but we ain't mad at 'em, 'cause these two look like they're going to live happily ever after.

Dirty Dancing / Just Married-themed wedding invitation

'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

We mean, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Wedding. Obvi. You know what we like about this? The penguins. You know what else? The fact that the penguins are holding wine glasses.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-themed wedding invitation

The Worst


OK, so we've got a lot of love for "The Dark Knight," and even the classic "Batman" from which he came. But this wedding invite left us wanting something more. Maybe it's the semi-creepy pose with Wonder Woman carrying Batman (who's holding a bouquet, no less), or maybe it’s the cumbersome "Holy-Matrimony, Batman!" tagline. But this is one invite we'd like to bury … and that little figurine, too.

Batman-themed wedding invitation

'Star Wars'

This is technically a rehearsal dinner invite, but since it's "Star Wars"-themed, it couldn’t be ignored. Also, it's weird. Quite possibly its weirdness is due to the fact that the images are of children. Yes, presumably these two have grown up and are now both of the age of consent, but something about the archived images rubs us the wrong way. The greatest movie of all time (don't argue) deserves far better.

Star Wars-themed wedding invitation

'Star Trek'

We don't want to be haters, really. But this is kind of a boring invite, don't ya think? With the rich Trekkie world to mine, all they came up with was a modified logo? They could've tried harder than that.

Star Trek-themed wedding invitation

'Endless Love'

Hmm. OK, so the invite itself isn't that bad. The snowstorm image is a bit tired, but fine. Our real concern is the fact that the movie was actually a heartbreaking drama about teenage lovers and its tagline was "The love every parent fears." Not so sure that fits with a wedding, but maybe we're just old-fashioned.

Endless Love-themed wedding invitation

'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman'

Err, make that, "Attack of the 50-Foot Bride & Groom." We just have two questions: Why is the bride rocking coke-bottle glasses … and what's with the groom's pimp cane? We don't remember that from the movie.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman-themed wedding invitation


Just. No.

Twilight-themed wedding invitation