The 9 Most Violent Movies of All Time

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While we recently catalogued "The Most Violent Movie Titles of All Time" we wondered to ourselves, "But what are the straight-up most violent movies?" That line of thinking led to a lot of sordid YouTube viewing and a shameful amount of personal moviegoing recollection, with this list as the meat byproduct.

This gore-dripped inventory wound up with a few perennial fanboy faves, a few surprises and a total absence of any Korean or Japanese flicks. (!) There are, however, three entries from America's loan forgiveness officer, China, so prepare to wolf down a big dish of bloody chow mein.

9. 'The Devil's Rejects' (2005)

What ARE you smokin', Rob Zombie? The dreadlocked White Zombie frontman clearly wanted to top his handywork at "The House of 1000 Corpses," so he switched genre gears by putting that film's homicidal Firefly family on the run from Johnny law. The result is a grungy exploitation odyssey of death set to Lynyrd Skynyrd, riddled with bullets and D-level celebs (Danny Trejo, William Forsythe, Ken Foree and pornstar Ginger Lynn).

Watch a NSFW clip from "The Devil's Rejects."

The Devil's Rejects

8. 'Rambo' (2008)

How's this for telling: This fourquel contains a higher body count (236) than all three previous Rambo flicks COMBINED. Need we say more? Okay, how about Sylvester Stallone perpetrating numerous throat rippings, head smashings and machine-gunning Burmese soldiers into spaghetti sauce. Yep, Sly is a walking war atrocity. "They would've raped her fifty times ... and cut your f**king heads off!"

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7. 'Hostel' (2005)

It's surprising that "blowtorch the eyeball" hasn't become some kind of "jump the shark" catch-all phrase for the horror genre, as torture porn became a new modus operandi after Eli Roth dropped this sucker. A group of horny young men partying in Bratislava get suckered into a kidnapping ring that offers high-paying customers the chance to get all murder-y on the abductees. Faster than you can say "Achilles tendon," the slicing and dicing begins and doesn't let up all the way through the revenge fantasy finale.

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6. 'Men Behind the Sun' (1988)

It was between this and "Ichi the Killer," but pound-for-pound Chinese filmmakers have consistently out-disturbed their twisted Japanese brothers. Depicting Japan's historical World War II military research Unit 731, where Chinese and Soviet prisoners were used for inhuman biological warfare experiments, "Men" takes the cake on the viscera front. This shockumentary includes hundreds of real rats set on fire, people having their skin frozen off, their intestines sonically hemorrhaged out of their body and spliced-in footage of an actual autopsy of a little boy. Yes, this one is strictly for sickos.

Watch a NSFW clip from "Men Behind the Sun."

Men Behind the Sun

5. 'Robocop' (1987)

Paul Verhoeven's classic piece of sci-fi satire nearly became the first film to earn an X rating for violence alone. That's right, without a single c**k shot (other than the c**k that Robo shot off a guy) this piece of stylish '80s pulp racked up a serious pain quotient not limited to Peter Weller's hero cop Murphy getting 100 bullets in him, neck stabbings, and a criminal getting a toxic chemical bath that leaves him looking like Lindsay Lohan circa five years from now.

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4. 'Hard Boiled' (1992)

According to Movie Body Counts, this John Woo cop flick contains 307 on-screen deaths, mostly from blazing gun battles supplied with magical unlimited ammo. The great gun-fu champion Chow Yun-fat is responsible for 77 of those kills himself, especially during the hospital finale wherein he will ice as many human beings as possible in order to protect one innocent baby. Makes sense, right? Woo's balletic violence can be a bit much, especially if you don't like violence or ballet, but no matter how dirty you feel at the end, you gotta admit this action doozie is one hell of a ride.

Watch a NSFW clip from "Hard Boiled."

Hard Boiled

3. 'Cannibal Holocaust' (1980)

This sick puppy rested comfortably at #2 on our list of most violent titles, but once you get past that lurid moniker you'll find the movie itself is … well, pretty goddamn violent! Director Ruggero Deodato got thrown in the slammer when Italian authorities insisted his found footage Amazonian gore flick was a bona fide snuff film. Deodato had to prove that the woman impaled vag-to-mouth on a spear was merely resting on a bicycle seat, but the image remains potent, as do several others including legit footage of turtlecide.

Watch a NSFW clip from "Cannibal Holocaust."

Cannibal Holocaust

2. 'Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky' (1991)

If you were a fan of "The Daily Show" back in the day then perhaps you remember the perennial clip of a guy making someone's head explode with his punch. That's this movie. Hong Kong strikes again in perhaps the most outrageously gruesome martial arts movie thus far conceived, with such diabolical delights as a fighter using his own intestines to strangle someone, many punches through various body parts and a big boss battle that ends with the baddie ground into hamburger. Literally.

Watch a NSFW clip from "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky."

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

1. 'Dead Alive' (1992)

Leave it to the lovable director of "The Hobbit" to have also perpetrated the most incomprehensibly bloody act of cinematic splatstick ever … EVER. There is supposedly still blood on the ceilings of the New Zealand studio where the film was shot all those years ago. This Freudian nightmare of a horror comedy centers on thoroughly henpecked Lionel (Timothy Balme) having to face the consequences of his dead momma turning into a ravenous zombie. Lionel's weapon du jour is a lawnmower he uses to plow through undead hoards, escalating into a 12-piece bucket of carnage that has gore up to the protag's knees. "I kick arse for the Lord!"

Watch a NSFW clip from "Dead Alive."

Dead Alive