5 Alternate 'Warm Bodies' Taglines

It's a tricky business selling a zombie romantic comedy (or "zom-rom-com," if you want to be cool and hilarious). The tagline — that brief yet powerful hook that (in theory) summarizes a film as cleverly and concisely as possible — has to be just right or the whole crazy premise is going to come crashing down ... and nobody wants that, right?

For "Warm Bodies," the undead spin on "Romeo and Juliet," the official taglines are "He's still dead but he's getting warmer" and "Cold body. Warm heart." Those are swell and all, but allow us to offer a few alternate choices that might really bring in an audience. See below and consider the movie sold.

Warm Bodies: Like Twilight tagline

Warm Bodies: About a Boy tagline

Warm Bodies: Boners tagline

Warm Bodies: John Malkovich tagline

Warm Bodies: Hoodie tagline