Anne Hathaway Dreamed a Dream of Winning an Oscar, Got That?

For those just tuning in to awards season, this may not be Anne Hathaway's first Oscar nom rodeo, but the girl wants it this year. Bad. We can tell, and so can this fantastic "For Your Consideration" parody video, set to the  heartstring-tugging arrangement of "I Dreamed a Dream" that will likely nab Hathaway a new companion in the form of a little golden man.

Largely considered a safe bet for the Best Supporting Actress prize, the "Les Miserables" starlet's campaign has beaten us over the head with little reminders that Hollywood's Sweetheart so bravely sheered off those luscious locks and shed countless poundage to ready herself physically for the role. Not to mention, she delivered that emotional miracle with her yes-it-was-live-didn't-you-hear performance of "I Dreamed a Dream." Oh, and she still humbly attributes everything to the best Fantine performance she'd ever seen — her own mother's. Cue the awwws.

To wit, she's been laying it on pretty thick this go-round, and with every hurdle acceptance speech leading up to the big one, she's clearly been practicing for the one where she can — blerg, oh my gosh — tell her new adoring husband that he's singly responsible for her best string of yesterdays ever. Ever, people.

We kid. Anne Hathaway's kept most of her senses about her throughout all this, hasn't she? She laughed at an Oscar hosting joke and a mention of that accidental crotch shot business during the Golden Globes ... but wait, things did get awkward when the Critics Choice spelled her name wrong. Oh, and there was that one time she interrupted the filmmakers during that Best Picture win to thank her manager. Nevermind, she totally deserves a little chiding right about now.

Enter an actress by the name of Emma Fitzpatrick who shares Hathaway's short mane, brown eyes and talented pipes who presents this hilariously evil little video parodying "Dream" as a For Your Consideration campaign and makes much-needed light of Hathaway's manic maneuvering, boogers and all. Nailed it.

For those interested, those gloriously spiteful lines are as follows:

Consider me on Oscar night, Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"

I played a prostitute who died, her life was really sad and awful

But I was bold and unafraid, I let them give me this new haircut

And I lost half my body weight, but then they never did a wide shot

And I sang the vocals live - no, they did not re-record them

And I coughed and wheezed and cried in every scene until I died

I sang a song about my woes, my hopes and fears, my dreams and wishes

And though I had to blow my nose, I did it all in one take, bitches!

And now I pray you'll vote for me; I'll stand up when I hear you clapping

And I already have my speech - 'Oh God, is this really happening?'

And now I know this role will be my ticket to a Best Supporting

Members of the Academy, please don't forget Anne with an "E"

A standing O (or at least a slow clap) is in order here.