New Trailer: Zac Efron Will Entertain You 'At Any Price'

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You have to give Zac Efron this much: He may not be an A-list movie star yet, but it sure isn't from a lack of trying.

And that ambition is on full display in the brand new trailer for the indie drama "At Any Price," which features Efron in perhaps his meatiest role so far.

So what's "At Any Price" all about? Efron plays an Iowa farmboy whose dad (Dennis Quaid) is a gung-ho ballbuster out to conquer the world of Iowa farms. But while dear old dad has very specific ideas of how Efron's life is going to go, namely taking over the family business, Efron has a somewhat different plan — one that involves fast cars and faster women.

Okay, so a family drama about corn and NASCAR may not seem like the sexiest vehicle for Efron's talents. But one film at a time, Efron is proving he's willing to do whatever it takes to become the big time star everyone thinks he can be. You might even say he's willing to do it "At Any Price."

Here's a look, courtesy of YouTube: