Will We Finally See 'The Book of Mormon' on the Big Screen?

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The Latter-Day Saints probably aren't going to be too happy about this one.

"South Park's" dynamic duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ready to make movie mischief once again, and this time their target is "The Book of Mormon."

The movie adaptation of the much-applauded musical has been long rumored, but this time it seems a little more legit: Parker and Stone have announced their plans to develop their very own little - big, actually, since they've reportedly got $300 million to play with - Important Studio, and project number one on their list is an adaptation of their satirical smash Broadway musical.

The story follows two Mormon missionaries in their futile effort to evangelize the war, famine and disease-stricken northern Uganda and includes characters with names like General Buck-F--king-Naked and scenes like "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" in which Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolf Hitler taunt one's wavering subconscious.

In a press release detailing the studio formation plans, Parker and Stone declared, "Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves. We hope to work with ourselves for a long time and are excited to now work with ourselves in a much greater capacity."

Kicking off with "Mormon" - which has garnered them and co-creator Bobby Lopez of "Avenue Q" fame nine Tony Awards, a Grammy and several other critical theater awards and is now into its second year on-stage - seems like a fitting choice.

Let the shenanigans begin.

One important question remains: If given the chance, who'll they dress mock at the Oscars for this one?