You've Got a Friend in the Shot-For-Shot Live-Action 'Toy Story' Remake

Pixar is famously rigorous with their story process, testing and retesting each film in crude storyboard form years before going into production, which is why it's no surprise that their films stand up so well.

Given that, who could figure that their nearly 20-year-old flagship "Toy Story" would stand up to such a fantastic shot-for-shot remake made by two pals, a video camera, actual toys, and a wheelbarrow full of ingenuity?

It took 19-year-old Jonason Pauley and 21-year-old Jesse Perrotta 2 years to complete, but they managed to precisely recreate not just every shot but every nuance that John Lasseter and co. put into "Toy Story," and the result is a minor miracle. They used real people to interact with the toys, then employed string puppetry and stop-motion animation for the rest.

"It was just something fun to do," Pauley told The Daily Mail. "We started by filming on the weekends, all day on Saturdays. Eventually it ended up being, we have to finish because we’re using this person’s time or space."

Although the filmmaking pair never got permission to put their masterpiece online per se, the famously protective folks at Disney/Pixar have been pretty chill about the whole copyright infringement thing, even allowing the duo to hand out DVD copies to employees outside their Emeryville studios.

With over a million hits on YouTube so far, this fanfilm promises to go down with the shot-for-shot "Raiders of the Lost Ark" remake as one of the milestones of the Sweding movement.