Trailer: James McAvoy Gets Put in a Sexy 'Trance'

In a reverse Professor X situation, James McAvoy plays a guy who has HIS mind invaded, albeit through the cunning hypnosis techniques of the ferociously hot Rosario Dawson, in the new Danny Boyle flick "Trance."

MSN has the trailer, which finds McAvoy as an art auctioneer and wannabe "Thomas Crown" who assists gang leader Vincent Cassel in a daring heist, but when the painting goes missing McAvoy inconveniently gets amnesia as to its whereabouts.

Enter hypnotist Dawson, who's assigned to probe his mind, but from the looks of things that's not all that gets probed.

"Trance" has the ever-eclectic Boyle ("127 Hours," "Slumdog Millionaire") bringing his knack for kaleidoscopic, Nicolas Roeg-esque layered visuals as well as the omnipresent soundtrack by Underworld's Rick Smith ("Trainspotting," "Sunshine"). Although the plot is about two-steps away from being a standard direct-to-DVD thriller, this cast and Oscar-winner Boyle seem like ingredients for unexpected success.

Even if the film turns out to be a slight three-hander, Boyle will at least be thankful that he got girlfriend Dawson out of the deal, which is not a bad consolation prize in our estimation. Interestingly, Michael Fassbender nearly played the role that went to Cassel, which would have practically made this "X-Men First-and-a-Half Class."