How Many Times A Day Does Josh Hutcherson Cry?

[From MTV NewsDon't be so sensitive, Josh Hutcherson! Or, actually, do. Do be so sensitive. It's part of what we love about you.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with the charmingly earnest "Hunger Games" star for a Sensitive Guys 101 chat. The two discussed the best kind of pie to cheer someone up, Hutcherson's extreme politeness standards, and how often Hutcherson has a little weepfest.

"There's the morning cry and then the shower cry at the end of the night every night," Hutcherson says. "At least two a day, depending on the vents of the day, it could be up to four or five, but two a day is pretty standard."

Check out the video above, or head over to MTV News for your morning swoon.