Samuel L. Jackson Really Wants Reporter to Say N-Word

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If Samuel L. Jackson ever hosts "Sesame Street," chances are the episode won't be sponsored by the letter N, as he made clear in a new interview that he's kind of tired of all the debate in the media over the use of a certain racial slur in the Quentin Tarantino movie "Django Unchained."

Other phrases that begin with the letter N? No comment and next question.

Not that Jackson seems opposed to discussing "Django Unchained," or even talking about the fact that Tarantino's script uses the N-word over 100 times. Instead, what Jackson seems to be tired of is people asking the question without seriously discussing the issue, as evidenced by the fact that most interviewers won't actually say the word they are asking about.

"No? Nobody? None?" Jackson asked rhetorically when an interviewer from a Fox TV affiliate question him about the controversy. "The word would be...?"

When the interviewer responded that he didn't want to say it and in fact had never actually said the word aloud before, Jackson urged him to say it. "Try it. Try it! We're not going to have this conversation unless you say it." The two finally decided to just move on to another question after Jackson declined to say the word himself. "F**k no! It's not the same thing."

You can watch the exchange yourself, which begins at the 13:54 mark of this clip, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.