This Happened: Amanda Seyfried Dresses as a Frog and Raps

Note to self: What happens in Tokyo, does not stay in Tokyo. Amanda Seyfried found that out during her appearance on "Ellen" yesterday afternoon. Thanks to some serious sleuthing, DeGeneres had discovered that Seyfried and her "Les Miserables" co-stars had gone out for a night of karaoke while they were in Japan for a press tour. "So what?" you ask. Big whoop.

Well, dear friends, Seyfried admitted that she not only took her turn at the mic after a few rounds of sake, but that she was dressed as a frog at the time. Yes, we said she dressed as a frog. Naturally the talk show host happened to have a giant frog head handy so the 27-year-old starlet could reenact this special moment for a national TV audience.

Seyfried took it like a champ, grabbing the mic and declaring, "When in doubt, just do a little rap. I'm going to do this." And she sure did. She made it through the classic rap song "California Love" with ease, thereby securing the top spot in our "potential best friends" book and officially (we use that term loosely) becoming the coolest girl ever. But don't take our word for it, check out the YouTube video for yourself to see if the giant frog head rapper lives up to the hype.

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