Eff, Marry, Kill: Bill Murray Edition

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Deciding how you like your steak (if you even eat steak) is one thing. Deciding how you like your Bill Murray? Well, that's quite another.

Welcome to our Bill Murray edition of Eff, Marry, Kill.

This game goes exactly how you think it does. We want you to determine which of Bill Murray's quirky characters — Steve Zissou from "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," Dr. Peter Venkman from "Ghostbusters" or Franklin Delano Roosevelt in "Hyde Park on Hudson" — you'd like to spend the rest of your days with, whose days you'd like to end for good and which one you'd enjoy (or suffer through, as the case may be) spending one single night with.

Because such decisions are so difficult, we've asked a few of our buds to weigh in. Hit the poll below and hear thoughts from our experts underneath. And don't forget to give us your thoughts in the comments!

Maggie Coughlan, Associate News Editor, People.com

No contest here! I'd have to marry FDR: it's worth a trip down the aisle for the estate in Hyde Park alone. Just think of the library! The private sunbathing sessions I am currently only having in my dreams! The in-house staff! I'd eff Peter Venkman, who has a Ph.D. AND busts ghosts. The man is a walking dream date. And that leaves Steve Zissou. I highly doubt he's ever washed that hat anyway.

Eff: Peter Venkman

Marry: FDR

Kill: Steve Zissou

Jenni Miller, Writer, Film.com

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There's one no-brainer here: Kill FDR. First of all, I quit smoking a long time ago, so I don't really want to marry or eff someone who is always chomping on a cigarette holder. I would either lose my resolve and steal his smokes or get annoyed and throw them out. FDR is also bonking his cousin, so I want no part of that mess. It's a little bit harder to choose between Steve Zissou and Peter Venkman. I think Zissou's single-mindedness would make him a poor choice for a life partner but a greatchoice for a little fling. So passionate, so driven! And he drives a submarine — sexy! Venkman is hilarious, smart and a master of the one liner... and he's not afraid of no ghost, which is cool because I am. So I'd eff Zissou before settling down with Venkman.

Eff: Steve Zissou

Marry: Peter Venkman

Kill: FDR

Brooke Tarnoff, Senior Editor, NextMovie

This one seems obvious to me. You marry FDR. Obviously. There is no amount of ghostbusting or deep sea exploration that could sway me from the White House. I'd make an awesome First Lady. Then I think you have to eff Peter Venkman – he's got a Ph.D. and a lot of swagger, he's got an awesome job, and, if you do it right, he'll probably take care of your haunting problems in perpetuity. Steve Zissou is fairly grating, so he's my "kill" choice among the three, but man. He's got Bill Murray’s face. What kind of monster could kill Bill Murray's face?

Eff: Peter Venkman

Marry: FDR

Kill: Steve Zissou