'Jack the Giant Slayer' Trailer: Have Fun Storming the Castle

[caption id="attachment_130509" align="alignleft" width="220"]Jack the Giant Killer Warner Bros.[/caption]

Fee-fi-fo — oh, you know how it goes.

Except the upcoming release "Jack the Giant Slayer" would like to argue that you don't. The retelling of the classic girl-meets-boy-meets-beanstalk story, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Nicholas Hoult as the titular giant slayer, features impressive digital effects, mad kings, near-castrations and even a swashbuckling Ewan McGregor leading an expedition to save a princess.

You may recognize Hoult from 2002's "About a Boy" and, more recently, "X-Men: First Class." (You may also know him as the real-life boyfriend of "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence.) Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays Princess Isabelle and gets to spend a lot of time shrieking and being rescued, it would appear, is a relative newcomer to the screen, playing sidekick Jas in 2008's "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging."

Previously called "Jack the Giant Killer," the project has faced giant obstacles already, from changing titles to ever-delayed release dates (the first promo materials for this movie were released last December).

It looks like it's really happening this time! Slated for a March 1 release, the movie's first full-length trailer was released today. Check out some good-looking people fighting some scary-looking giants in the trailer, below.

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