The New Weapon of Choice For Horror Movie Villains: Butter

[caption id="attachment_154864" align="alignleft" width="220"] Bioenergy Nutrition[/caption]

In horror films, serial killing weirdos will use just about anything to murder their victims. Chainsaws, axes, knives, hatchets, guns, ropes, bear traps, poison, gas, swarms of rats, water, whatever. You name it, someone has used it in a movie to kill people.

But you know what can really kill you? Butter.

Just ask Ghostface.

Yes, in an attempt to scare you straight — straight off of bagels, that is — Bioenergy Nutrition has put together a new ad campaign that dramatizes the effects of bad cholesterol through the creative use of butter sculpture. So if you've ever wondered what Ghostface, Jigsaw and Jason from "Friday the 13th" would look like carved completely out of butter, well, now you know.

Because these infamous horror movie killers aren't just deadly. They're also creamily delicious. Check it out, courtesy of Creative Bloq: