Sorkin Speaks: Steve Jobs Biopic Will Only Have Three Key Scenes

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Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind "The Social Network" and "The West Wing," is breaking his silence about Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic.

Speaking at "Newsweek" and The Daily Beast's Hero Summit yesterday, the scribe du jour revealed a few key details about the flick, which is (loosely?) based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography of the late tech guru.

"I hope I don't get killed by the studio for giving too much away, but this entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only, that take place in real time."

For those of us who aren't so savvy with the Hollywood verbiage, Sorkin explained that real time "is when a half hour for you in the audience is the same as a half hour for the character on the screen. There will be no time cuts. Each of these three scenes is going to take place before a product launch — backstage before a product launch."

So, what product launches are we talking about? Surely Sorkin couldn't have revealed that. But he did. "The first one being Mac, the second one being NeXT (after he had left Apple), and the third one being the iPod."

Yep. That's the movie, and we even (kind of) know the ending. Sorkin stated that he aims to end the film with the quote, "Here's to the crazy ones," which is a reference to the unforgettable "Think Different" ad campaign Jobs created.

This is pretty ambitious if you ask us, but Sorkin's a pretty ambitious guy so something tells us he's going to pull it off just fine. As long as the studio doesn't kill him first.