Hailee Steinfeld Stars in New Video 'Endlessly' by The Cab

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Tearing apart your house with Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld sounds fun, right? It looks fun, too, in the new video for The Cab's song "Endlessly."

The 15-year-old "True Grit" star landed the gig by simply tweeting to The Cab front man Alex DeLeon about how much she loves the song; DeLeon responded and even dedicated the song to her during a performance, before offering her the lead role in a music video that's been in the works for the past year.

Looking  older (angrier!) and more mature than she has in past roles, the video shows Steinfeld frantically searching for hidden keys while tearing apart her house looking for a missing ring — The Cab knows we all find what we need when we stop looking so hard.

Watch the video for 'Endlessly' and be sure to check out Teen Vogue's interview with Steinfeld and DeLeon!