You Can Go Your Own Way to 'Safe Haven' Trailer

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"Open up ... everything's waiting for you!"

Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel fall in love to a Fleetwood Mac cover in the trailer for "Safe Haven," the latest screen adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel.

If you saw "The Notebook" (and we know you did) or "The Lucky One" (you probably didn't), you know the drill: A cautious courtship leads to passionate embraces before some element of danger — usually one that comes from a secret one of the characters is harboring — comes to light in time for the third act.

More specifically in the case of "Safe Haven," we get Katie (Hough), a woman who moves to a small North Carolina town in an effort to escape something (or someone) from her past. At first, she just wants to lay low as a mysterious recluse, but what young lady could ever help falling in love with a local guy who once helped save Chicago from Decepticon forces (Duhamel)? Shots of them going on romantic rowboat trips and looking hot in their bathing suits ensue.

Nicholas Sparks, you definitely know how to push all the right buttons. Push the one below to watch the trailer for "Safe Haven," which opens Feb. 8, 2013.