10 Reasons Anna Kendrick Is Better Than You

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When it comes to Anna Kendrick, believe the buzz. The girl is all that and a bag of chips. Girl crush alert!

Chances are, you've been hearing her name a lot lately, and it's no surprise. From "What to Expect When You're Expecting" to "ParaNorman" to "End of Watch," she's had a lot of flicks make way to the cinema this year, and she's not slowing down just yet.

Her latest is the college a cappella competition movie "Pitch Perfect," in which she not only puts her acting chops on the table but also gives her vocal chords some serious exercise. With her sharp wit, self-deprecating sensibility and sheer talent, the girl's going places at lightning speed (she may even be the newest badass of the "Captain America" franchise).

So, to extol the Anna Kendrick-ness of Anna Kendrick, here are 10 reasons why she's better than you, us and just about everybody else.

1. She can sing. Kendrick was a pitch perfect choice for her newest movie not just because she's got screen presence and growing notoriety in the biz, but also because she really can sing. And she's done it in movies before. She's so good she even made drunken karaoke less ear-wrenching in "Up In the Air." The 27-year-old has been a part of show business since she was 12, and her beginnings in musical theater are still coming in handy.

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2. She's a selective tweeter. Anna Kendrick's Twitter handle can go radio silent for months on end before she bounces back in with some nugget of 140-characters-or-less gold. Consider a few of her latest, in which she pontificates some of life's biggest dilemmas.

When you first saw The Truman Show, did anyone else walk around for the next week not picking your nose JUST in case?

An outbreak of syphilis in the porn community has halted production nationwide? What the hell am I going to watch for the next week?

Am I the only one who always wanted to give Trix to the rabbit?

3. She's got an Oscar nomination. Sure, lots of actors have eventually been nominated for Oscars over the course of their careers, but how many nabbed theirs at 25, just a few years into making movies? Anna's one of the elite few.

4. She's got one hot rolodex. Face it. The girl's made pals with the likes George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal and Chace Crawford. And let's not forget that she dates "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" director Edgar Wright. You want five minutes with her cell phone list and you know it.

5. She got a Tony nom before most of us got a training bra. At the tender age of 12, Anna received a Tony nomination for her work as Dinah in the Broadway musical "High Society," making her one of the youngest actors ever to receive such recognition. While the rest of us were dealing with the woes of seventh grade life science, she was taking the bus from Portland, Maine, to New York City to work her magic on the big stage.

6. She's uniquely gorgeous. Kendrick isn't in the cookie-cutter mold of young female celebs, but she absolutely owns her stature and signature features. Don't count on her to fall into the botox and boob job brouhaha.

7. She's got a hot dog named after her. Yep. Hot Doug's in Chicago, Ill., has a fiery hot dog named after Anna which the shop declares is "Mighty Hot!" The recipe was formerly named after the likes of Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears, but, since Kendrick herself has admitted to trying The Anna Kendrick and finding it "amazing," we have a feeling Hot Doug's will keep the name for a while.

8. She's tough. What does Anna Kendrick do when she face plants off a rip stick? As she said in her own words to MTV, "I took it like a dude and just got back on."

9. She's in two music videos. LCD Soundsystem and Ben Folds Five have plucked Kendrick to star in music videos for them. "Pow Pow." "Do It Anyway." 'Nuff said.

10. She gives haters the what for. Sure. Anna Kendrick's fluttered on from the platform of "Twilight," but she put up a rather gamely defense against haters of that franchise in a way only AK47 could. She once said to the Wall Street Journal, "I'm tired of hearing people rag on the fans. If you don't like 'Twilight,' don't buy a ticket." Attagirl.